Tuesday, 15 May 2012


As a general conclusion of the year, saying that there have been many issues that have developed both a professional manner and in a more personal way.

The main reason I have been studying this, is because I have always been interested in tourism, I think we have beautiful places worth visiting, and that must be managed and studied, as the field of hospitality with which I have always been involved since in my family has a great tradition.

Consistent with this explanation, of course I would like to work on something related in the future, I am learning the content seems very useful and will serve me in a few years.

Finally and on a more personal point of view and as a challenge to people who did not rely too much on my I would like to get a challenge that at the beginning seemed quite difficult as moving to another country, learn the language, get a job and a degree student.

To summarise, learning is what makes you a person or another, you learn at the same time that you live.

In relation to the future, I would like to learn a little more about safety at work through some readings, I would also like to know more laws and more in depth his relationship with hospitality, a course on wine would develop my knowledge and serious a very positive point for my professional development, and ultimately learn more about the recruitment policies in different companies, see how they are operating in this aspect, as I believe is one of the most important aspects in a company, select the staff appropriate.
 Finally the hours I have worked in different places have been: 40 hours in Goodwood Hotel, 35 hours in the Millstream Hotel, 6 hours in the British Challenge, 20 hours at The Bell Inn volunteer, 8 hours at 4 chesnuts, and the next Friday formare part of the food festival that takes place in the college.

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